North London precisely carries a large sum of the population of those living in the whole of London. The population in the area is just below 5 million. People within the community tend to move continuously due to a number of different reasons.

East London had a population of just below 2 million in 2011. It is a community that continuously changes and accepts all positive forms to give back to the community in the safest and securest way possible. However, we will promise you a reliable move.

West London, like North London has a high population. It generally has the middle class and upper class income families. Man with Van in London is now based locally in the area so that all customers can get last minute bookings.

South London carries just under 3 million of the population of the whole of London. Generally people living in the community are middle class families. We are based locally within the area to provide all in the community with a safe & secure moving company.